i have a great desire welling up inside me  to go back to Oxford and the UK for a year of research, study and writing. Have I come full circle? Is it folly or fantasy to think I can mutate from hyperactive capitalist to contemplative student?   Am i signaling to myself that it is past time for a fundamental “reset”.?   Who knows?  Let the angst begin again!  Do i not yet know what I want to be and do when I grow up? Seemingly not.   At the very least this admission should give comfort to other restless souls like myself who desire beyond desire, and whose entire life has been an exercise in deconstruction.

The winter of 2013-14 has been never ending and I may indeed be suffering from  affective light disorder; but then again I could just be depressed by having to face my own peculiar crisis of limits.  In the alternative  I may just need a stiff drink or a holiday.. And so  the stomach turns…….. 






About whispersfrombabylon

A father. A son. A priest. A scholar, a lawyer
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