Anyone visiting Huron Ridge on Rosseau will be immediately confronted by an over-sized amateur telescope and  a host of picture books containing  star maps. Yes, we all  love looking at the stars, which is easier to do here than in the bright and smoggy City.  Nothing however can compare to what can be seen over Conception Bay on a bright summer night, and yes, I know all about romantic memories. Not for nothing has mankind been fascinated by the stars, and not for nothing do we speculate about how they impact our daily lives. I am also someone who reads his daily horoscope, but  probably give it as much credibility as the utterances of the soft sell snake oil feel good preachers  like Joel Olsteen.  I have little tolerance for those  who manipulate the vulnerable, but I am nevertheless intrigued by them. Thankfully most of them enjoy comet like careers, they blaze brightly for but  a moment and then are seen no more. 



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A father. A son. A priest. A scholar, a lawyer
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